Friday: Soap Stars Revealed!

September 19, 2008

Last week we explored the murky depths of the pop world, where old soap stars come to die. You were asked to name the following ten soap stars and their songs:

How did you go? Answers after the jump…

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Soap Stars Go Pop!

September 13, 2008

After my reference to Toni Pearen a couple of days ago, I decided to have a look at how many Aussie soap-opera actors have attempted a music career. The answer? All of them.

So I selected 10 songs by soap stars and have cut them together below. Your challenge is to name the ten performers and ten songs. Oddly, I suspect this may be too hard for readers of The Outland Institute, and too easy for readers of TV Week. (Does TV Week still exist?)

Pens ready…

You want the answers? You can’t handle the answers! Oh alright, they’re here.