Narrelle M Harris: Happy Kwanzaa, Everybody!

On this week’s show Narrelle recommended some book-buying for Christmas (unlike the book-burning she recommended last year. Lordy, did that get out of hand).

Here’s your cut-out-and-keep guide of what she said.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote.

Vampire Fiction:
Dracula by Bram Stoker, Let the Right One In by John Lindqvist (or – I humbly submit – The Opposite of Life by Narrelle M Harris).

Snake Agent by Liz Williams. Or anything at all by Neil Gaiman (perhaps American Gods).

Redback or Blood Guilt by Lindy Cameron (Blood Guilt has lesbian protagonists too, so bonus).

Graphic Novels:
The Umbrella Academy by Gerard Way. Or find a collection of The Sandman stories by Neil Gaiman. Or something cool by Alan Moore (Promethea, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, From Hell).

Young Adult:
Mary Borsellino’s The Wolf House e-books! Vampires! Teenagers! Queer sensibilities! Did I mention vampires?
Justine Larbalestier is also cool, with sharp ideas, great writing and excellent characters.

Madame Brussels: This Moral Pandemonium (by LB Robinson) or one of the other Arcade Publications books on Melbourne’s history.

General suggestions:

Visit Twelfth Planet Press and try them out; visit an independent bookseller and support them – places like Readers’ Feast, Readings, Hares and Hyenas and Of Science and Swords – and you can’t go wrong with the Outland Institute’s favourite Look Who’s Morphing by Tom Cho, though I don’t know what category to put that under.

And if you know any writers, perhaps the first season of Castle! But probably not Misery unless you really hate the writer in question.

And To Serve Man is a cookbook! Oh, whoops – spoiler.

3 Responses to Narrelle M Harris: Happy Kwanzaa, Everybody!

  1. murrayNE says:

    So…. how much of a concern do we think it is that the Bookdepository wishlist still shows an item that I purchased from it? I kept double-checking whether there was some sort of automated “send this to the person whose wishlist this is” button, or “cross this off the wishlist” button but it just kept leading me along the road to enter-the-details-for-yourself,-sunshine-ville. I’m pretty sure that there are only so many copies of any of these books that can be usefully read at once.

    • outlandinstitute says:

      Hmmm. It does seem the bookdepository one is quite rudimentary, unlike the Amazon one. The Amozon list does move them into a “purchased” column, and allows you to send the product directly to the giftee, while the bookdepository one is just a static list. I decided to go with them anyway, since their postage costs are far more reasonable than Amazon, but it does possibly mean I could end up with five copies of Danny Wallace At The Centre Of The Universe.

      It was also a bit of an experiment since I wasn’t sure whether anyone would be interested in taking part in my low-level-book-prostitution attempts. Once again, Murray, you’ve made my day! (If you want to email me at I can remove the title from the list).

      I feel dirty, but well-read.

  2. Sophie says:

    No one can blame you for your attempted book whoredom. (I bought Danny Wallace At the Centre of the Universe in a church basement. Unfortunately (for you, tho’ not for her) I bought it for my sister.

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