Youtube Teaches Us Politics

In lieu of a proper article today, let’s learn about politics from Youtube, shall we?

I know you’re all out there, thinking “I really want to hear more about the American elections, porcine cosmetics and people who bizarrely name their children after second-tier English towns/breast double-entendre“. So this is for you!

Here’s Craig Ferguson, host of The Late, Late Show, with a brilliant take on the election. He’s like a post-millennial take on Mr Smith Goes To Hollywood.

Here’s Matt Damon being surprisingly insightful (maybe it’s not surprising, but this is a man I best remember from Team America: World Police. Matt Damon!).

And here’s the delectable Tina Fey doing a spot-on Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live (with Amy Poehler as Hilary Clinton).

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“I can see Russia from my house!”


5 Responses to Youtube Teaches Us Politics

  1. Tim says:

    On a related topic, after watching The West Wing recently I became curious about the role of the US Vice-President. As far as I could work out, his/her role comprises only:

    a) Enquiring after the president’s health every day on the off chance he/she needs to be replaced by death or incapacity;
    b) Breaking tied votes in the Senate with a casting vote.

    But surely there has to be more to the job than that? Well, nope, that’s it. Check out this:
    (scroll down to Role of the VP, it gets interesting from there).

    Basically it’s a strangely undefined, potentially powerless position from which you can be suddenly somersaulted into the most powerful job in the world.

  2. Dan Cardone says:

    The link doesn’t work. It goes to Rick Astley! And frankly, I’ve been there before! I had the joy of seeing the Tina Fey sketch ‘live’, and it was pretty good. All she would have had to do is turn up and it would have been worth a laugh.

  3. outlandinstitute says:

    Damn you Rick Astley! Clip has now been replaced with one straight from NBC… I thought she was very funny, her delivery on “I don’t know what that is” is perfect. Also love the joke about Palin waltzing in “with your Tina Fey glasses”.

  4. outlandinstitute says:

    Regarding VPs – it’s also amazing that the presidential canditate has to go through that endless, tedious campaign of primaries, but the vice-presidential candidate doesn’t have to do anything…

  5. Janet says:

    So Craig Ferguson is American, eh? Gee, I remember when he was Bing Hitler and Scottish. He is funnier now, though.

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