Friday I’m In Love: The Weekly Wrap-Up

I’ve just come back from two days crewing an educational film about horse-riding for the disabled. Mostly this involved running backwards in sand with a microphone while trying to avoid steaming piles of horse manure. As the old joke goes – “And leave showbiz?

And speaking of steaming piles… no, it’s just too easy, isn’t it?

So what have we learnt from the Institute this week?

1. Lynne Kosky is the Victorian Arts Minister – honestly, who knew?

2. There are now 109 films listed in our George A Romero Title Game… Of The Dead.

3. Eric Bana can speak German.

4. BFI: Southbank would be a brilliant cop show.

Speaking of comments, please do feel free to leave comments. I love your comments. I live for your comments. I am a comments vampire (in that I go out at night, drink the blood of the innocent, then return to my lair to check my blog and see if there are any comments). There are have been some great conversations going on under the articles, and I welcome you to join in the fun.

This Sunday marks the end of the Melbourne International Film Festival, as well as being Ecuador’s Independence Day and the 76th anniversary of the death of Rin Tin Tin.



See you next week.


2 Responses to Friday I’m In Love: The Weekly Wrap-Up

  1. Steph BG says:

    I’m more of a comments junkie myself. Occasionally I’ll upgrade to comment whore, implying some form of exchange. So here’s yours. Where’s mine?

  2. Dan Cardone says:

    Our lives seem to be running in strangely parallel courses…while you were filming disabled people and horses, I was filming porn stars and horses. the comparison should be obvious. the thought, “And leave showbiz?” went through my head many time as a petulant twink whined for a wet-wipe to remove a speck of manure from his perky bottom…

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