Soy Sauce And The Fish Who Love It

Back in those halcyon days of two weeks ago, I wrote about the RRR kitchen, and mentioned this leaflet:


20, 000 Soy Sauce Fish

Melbourne Artist working on sculptural installation project needs your help.

The artist in question is Gaby Jung, and I asked her about the project.


Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born in Germany, been in Australia for almost 30 years, and have called Melbourne home since 1986. I started with sculpture in 2002, mainly self-taught, and working first in limestone.  Last year I did my first installation. It was called footprints and consisted of 140 footprints made from recycled rubber matting – each footprint was representing the ecological footprint of a country.

Tell us about your new project – what is it? And why soy sauce fish?

It’s a 3D sculpture of a lifesize tuna-fish. The reason I want those little fish to create the tuna is that it’s our ‘love’ for sushi that is hastening the demise of the tuna. They will be painted in red, yellow and blue.

Presumably Soy Sauce Fish aren’t your usual medium?

I normally work with limestone, soapstone and marble. Although my piece from the Motorshow was made from felt and I actually wore it at the opening.

How has response been?

I have been able to place several collection boxes at different locations and hope that by mid August I will have sufficient fishies to start on the piece. So far the response has been slow and if nothing more happens by the end of this month I will have to buy soy sauce fish, which would somehow defeat the purpose of the project.

Should the fish be full or empty?

Empty but with lid will be best, but if there are full ones I will take them too.


Actually, I suspect Australia Post probably doesn’t want people sending flimsy containers of brown liquid through the mail, so better to empty them first. If you would like to help Gaby – and smugly claim to be a Patron Of The Arts – please send your soy sauce fish to:

Gaby Jung
Suite177/16 Cotham Road
Kew 3101

Gaby Jung’s piece will be part of the Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition, which opens on Sunday, 26th October.

All images on this page are copyright Gaby Jung, no reproduction without permission.

2 Responses to Soy Sauce And The Fish Who Love It

  1. Tim says:

    And you can see an account of how the soy sauce fish sculpture turned out in my travel blog Aerohaveno:

    Tim Richards
    December 2008

  2. Gaby Jung says:

    Hi Tim, thanks for your comment on the sculpture.

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