The George A. Romero Title Game… Of The Dead

As part of our ongoing tribute to horrormeister George A. Romero, here’s a game for you to play at home.

Choose any film title and try adding “Of The Dead” to see if you can turn it into an appealing zombie flick. Not every combination works, but some are box office gold.

I tried going through the top 50 of IMDB’s Top 250 and was taken with these, any of which I would happily fork over my money for:

The Godfather Of The Dead
12 Angry Men Of The Dead
Rear Window Of The Dead
Memento Of The Dead
Taxi Driver Of The Dead
To Kill A Mockingbird Of The Dead
It’s A Wonderful Life Of The Dead

That last one’s my favourite – it sounds heart-warming. “Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his face chewed off by re-animated corpses.” Stars Jimmy Stewart.

Feel free to leave more titles in the comments below.

Finally, the statisticians at WordPress show me the Institute’s attendances went through the roof yesterday, so hello to all our new visitors! Tracey in the Outland Institute Gift Shop was totally exhausted by the end of the day, and needed a nice Kingston and a sit-down. (Also, we’re totally out of Wong Kar-Wai slippers, so please don’t ask.)

30 Responses to The George A. Romero Title Game… Of The Dead

  1. Janet says:

    Have a word with Polash regarding the variation on this game played at Ticketmaster during our copious free time – the one that used the world ‘bumhole’. He should remember that one – I think he may have started it.

  2. Dan Cardone says:

    Let’s not forget the other variation of this game, thanks to Mr Adam Richard, which is when you add, “…in the mouth” to the end of otherwise innocuous sentences to turn them FILTHY.

  3. outlandinstitute says:

    People! People! It’s no good telling me about OTHER games, you’ve got to play this one! I had a look through the MIFF guide today but since the titles are generally pretty abstract it doesn’t really work. “Noodle Of The Dead” and “Don’t Touch That Axe Of The Dead” aren’t particularly stranger than the originals…

    I do have one for our French readers though. It’s about a pretty young girl who moves to Paris to find a young man and then eat him – Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain Des Morts.

  4. Dave AA says:

    I like “Noodle of the Dead”.

    “The Matrix of the Dead” (dir: Darren Aronofsky.)
    “2001 of the Dead” (dir: Rob Zombie.)
    “My Big Fat Greek Wedding of the Dead!”

  5. Very clever, and all of them better than Diary of the Dead. The only title worse than that is the film within that film, The Death of Death. Ugh.

  6. Lord Toastie says:

    How about those Aussie classics, like:

    Phar Lap Of The Dead
    The Light Horsemen Of The Dead
    Strictly Ballroom Of The Dead
    The Castle Of The Dead (this is going straight… to the braaaaaaaains roooooooom…)

    And anything by Paul Cox.

  7. Anne-Marie says:

    Inside of the Dead – which ironically would work just as well given the nature of the film
    Mahjong of the Dead – see what games the dead really want to play
    Lemon Tree of the Dead

    Of course, I could go on and on – but I shall stop with
    Rock and Roll Nerd of the Dead

  8. outlandinstitute says:

    Hey Syms, what if “The Death Of Death” had turned out to be a big hit? What would they have called the sequel? “The Death Of Death 2”? “The Death Of The Death Of Death: The Redeadening”?

  9. Dave AA says:

    Death Takes A Holiday of the Dead
    The Birth of a Nation of the Dead
    Pandora’s Box of the Dead
    Un Chein Andalou des Morts
    I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang of the Dead
    Duck Soup of the Dead
    The 39 Steps of the Dead
    How Green Was My Valley of the Dead
    High Society of the Dead
    The Ten Commandments of the Dead
    A Hard Day’s Night of the Living Dead
    Shaft of the Dead
    Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song of the Dead
    Pink Flamingos of the Dead
    Mean Streets of the Dead
    Forbidden Planet of the Dead

  10. The Death of Death: The Rebirth (the direct to DVD prequel)

  11. Dog Day Afternoon of the Dead!!!

  12. Narrelle says:

    I rather like “Indiana Jones of the Dead and the Temple of Doom”. Which I know isn’t strictly playing by the rules, but I liked it better than the Temple of Doom of the Dead.

    Also, thinking through my own film library…

    Die Hard of the Dead?? That makes no sense.

    Miss Congeniality of the Dead. Oh, I want to see the zombie beauty parade, I really do!!

    Buckaroo Banzai’s Adventures Across the Eighth Dimension of the Dead. Actually, that could be a sequel. Seriously. They would do that.

    I’m starting to realise what a schlocky film collection I have.

  13. outlandinstitute says:

    Good work, people.

    Dave AA, you’ve really gone to town – I’m partularly taken with High Society Of The Dead and Ten Commandments Of The Dead. And how green was my valley of the dead, anyway? (Incidentally, I keep meaning to ask if you’re connected to the famous AA battery dynasty – are you the AA Heiress?)

    Dog Day Afternoon Of The Dead and Hard Day’s Night Of The Dead makes me think of:

    Before Sunrise Of The Dead
    Before Sunset Of The Dead
    Sunrise Of The Dead (dir F W Murnau)
    High Noon Of The Dead
    Warm Nights On A Slow Moving Train Of The Dead


    Lambada: The Forbidden Dance Of The Dead

    What we really need now is some graphic designers to start sending in posters for these films…

  14. Narrelle says:

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind of the Dead. How weird-shit would that be??

  15. Chris says:

    Some I’d like to see;

    Howard the Duck of the Dead
    The Great Escape of the Dead
    Gandhi of the Dead
    Ace in the Hole of the Dead

  16. outlandinstitute says:

    It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World Of The Dead
    Can’t Stop The Music Of The Dead
    Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls Of The Dead
    Staying Alive Of The Dead

  17. Anne-Marie says:

    High Hopes of the Dead – seriously, Mike Leigh should do a zombie flick

    Cabaret of the Dead – I think Liza is nearly ready to be a convincing zombie – and that freak ex-husband of hers could make an appearance, as could her best mate Michael Jackson.

  18. Janet says:

    Braveheart of the Dead
    Breakfast on Pluto of the Dead
    The Crying Game of the Dead (goes with Mahjong of the Dead)
    Eat Drink Man Woman of the Dead
    The Wedding Banquet of the Dead
    The Ice Storm of the Dead
    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon of the Dead
    Godzilla of the Dead
    Bridget Jones’ Diary of the Dead
    Quills of the Dead (ouch!)
    Personal Services of the Dead

    An homage to John Woo . . .

    Hardboiled of the Dead
    A Better Tomorrow of the Dead (I & II only cos Tsui Hark did the third and it was crap anyway . . . sorry)
    Bullet in the Head of the Dead (goes without saying really . . .)

    This one is kind of cheating because it’s an Australian tv show (but it sounds good)

    After the Deluge of the Dead

    And what was that about Paul Cox?

  19. Janet says:

    I’m sorry but you’ve got me started on this now!

    Noise of the Dead
    The Right Stuff of the Dead
    Eight Legged Freaks of the Dead

    And another tv show – Believe Nothing of the Dead

  20. Janet says:

    . . . and I promise this is my last. Cross my heart and hope to die.

    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers of the Dead

  21. Anne-Marie says:

    I’d see that musical

  22. outlandinstitute says:


    Saturday Night Fever Of The Dead
    High School Musical Of The Dead
    Top Hat Of The Dead
    Hair Of The Dead
    Jesus Christ Superstar Of The Dead
    Fiddler On The Roof Of The Dead

  23. Narrelle says:

    Rent of the Dead
    Chicago of the Dead
    Showboat of the Dead. – I really want to see that one.

  24. Naomi says:

    I actually think Cary Grant would be a fabulous star of dead movies:
    I was a Male War Bride of the Dead
    People Will Talk of the Dead
    Bringing up Baby of the Dead
    Charade of the Dead
    That Touch of Mink of the Dead

    Though I also wouldn’t mind seeing:
    Imitation of Life of the Dead
    But I’m a Cheerleader of the Dead
    The East is Red of the Dead
    Better Off Dead of the Dead

  25. Close Encounters of the Third Kind of the Dead: The Deadening

  26. Ned Ludd says:

    This is strangely addictive. Browsing my DVD collection and passing the results through a grammar filter I get:

    On the Beach of the Dead
    The General of the Dead
    Master and Commander of the Dead (the endless possibilities!)
    Napoleon of the Dead
    The Red Shoes of the Dead
    Amelie of the Dead
    The City of Lost Children of the Dead (I always thought that little girl was a bit scary)
    Delicatessen of the Dead
    Monsoon Wedding of the Dead
    Downfall of the Dead
    The Crucible of the Dead

    I cannot go on. I can feel my life force being sapped as I type. I will get you for this, and don’t forget I know where you work……

  27. syms says:

    My Beautiful Laundrette of the Dead

    & some Aussie ones:

    The Black Balloon of the Dead
    The Castle of the Dead
    Hey, Hey, It’s Esther Blueburger or the Dead
    Don’s Party of the Dead
    The Removalists of the Dead
    The Book of Revelation of the Dead (Mummy 4)

  28. outlandinstitute says:

    Hello Ned! Nice to see you’ve embraced the Internet age – how are the Luddites going? Didn’t think much of your last album…

    Curiously, all of Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s titles work:

    Delicatessen Of The Dead
    City Of Lost Children Of The Dead
    Alien Resurrection Of The Dead
    Amelie Of The Dead (aka Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain des Mort)
    A Very Long Engagement Of The Dead

  29. Janet says:

    A Brighter Summer’s Day of the Dead (for Mr Yang)

    My homage to Angelopoulos . . .

    Eternity and a Day of the Dead
    Ulysses’ Gaze of the Dead
    The Travelling Players of the Dead

    and other things Greek . . .

    Never on a Sunday of the Dead
    Zorba the Greek of the Dead
    Z of the Dead

  30. murrayNE says:

    Boys Town of the Dead? (Spencer Tracy, 1938, not the more recent ones: “I know that a mother can eat the brain of the toughest boy in the world, and he forgets it because he becomes a zombie.”)
    The Muppets Take the Dead? (I just want to see the Swedish chef as a zombie “hurdy burdy burt BRAINS BRAINS BRAINS!”)

    (I know I’m a year behind… I just couldn’t resist the word “zombies” in the tag cloud)

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